Loft Cinema 18+

Loft Cinema 18+

A little story for you all.

Most of my encounters with clients are fairly similar – kissing, stroking, touching, licking, biting and then finally fucking. I do love the sweetness of those times, that progression of activities: I love tease and denial and the slow build of getting it on. But I admit that these encounters tend to blur together because I have alot of the same.

While I always ensure that these times are enjoyed by my clients, I do sometimes find myself wanting, well, a little more of something else, a little different something else. For this reason I do appreciate it when a gentleman is courageous to request something a little different. If I’m feeling adventurous, I go for it. (As a side note: I’m trolling here for your fantasies, your dreams, your sordid details that make my life interesting and fulfilling. You can trust me with them. I only bite if you ask me to.)

Last week a gentleman, Mr. J, called asking if I’d like to meet him at the Loft 18+ Cinema on Yonge Street. First off, I love that section of Yonge. Although I’ve never worked as a dancer in the clubs in that area, I have spent much time in the hotels nearby. When I’m working, there is nothing I love more than parading myself up and down those precious blocks checking out sexy lingerie, toys, and nodding to all the bouncers like we are in our own secret club. Smiles are free – I love that. I love giving an eyeful to anyone who will look at me in my leopard-print stilettos, short pencil skirt, and shimmery transparent blouses that are my staple outcall attire. (I call it business casual with an edge.) I love the Loft Cinema with its simple neon sign. It has piqued my interested ever since a fellow kinky professional has told me that she has enjoyed a man’s company, and his tongue, in the darkened seats.

I don’t generally offer public encounters (mostly because I’m not often asked) but I agreed to meet Mr. J at 5:30pm outside the cinema. After meeting so many clients in this business, I am quite good at reading a gentleman’s demeanour on the telephone and I trusted his intentions. Plus, his offer was unique and compelling.

Walking up from Queen Street, I loved the feeling of anticipation of trying something new, I always love the rush I get when about to meet a new client, and the unusually warm evening air snuck up my skirt and played games with the edges of my lace panties. (It’s so delightful when the wind becomes another lover.) Since I had not yet met Mr. J, we got on our phones and navigated the sidewalks until Mr. J spotted me first and directed me towards him – I blushed and loved the feeling of him watching me as I approached. I didn’t see him until he was right in front of me. We embraced and went directly into the cinema.

The hallway was deserted but for a quiet manager who nodded at us and stared at me. I wonder how often women came here. Especially ones about to do what I was going to do.

As we checked out a few of the tiny 30-seat theatre spaces, Mr. J explained his fantasy to me was a group scene with other patrons. If I was comfortable, he would entice others to join us. We sought out a theatre with a few others sitting inside, and settled into seats halfway up the aisle. The skinny blondes on the screen above were being thoroughly pounded by a trio of black men which really did nothing for me, with the exception of their screams and moans. (I miss the sounds of girls getting off from my brothel days in Australia with paper-thin walls!) The warmth of the theatre appealed to me and I felt a flush on my cheeks. Of course, electricity flashed through my swollen puss and its super short haircut bristled against the soft fabric of my panties. Hmmmmm. There was nothing to do but begin.

Squeezing my legs together I hooked my thumb under my ass and tugged at the corner of my knickers and slid them down my smooth legs and struggled to untangle them from the pointy heels of my boots. The darkness made it difficult for anyone to see what I was actually doing, so I decided to lift my panties high into the air. The light from the screen illuminated them and I think everyone sitting behind me got the message. I tucked the panties into my purse and felt my pussy drip right onto the seat.

I felt Mr. J shift in his seat beside me, so I reached over and slid my hand against his trouser leg until I reached the outline of his considerably big cock in his pants. Good stuff!

“Put your feet up on the seats,” he hard whispered to me. I spread my legs, and hooked the heels of my boots over the seat backs. Of course my skirt rode up quite high. I started to finger my pussy and stroke the insides of my strong thighs. Mr. J motioned to the men in the theatre and soon enough there was a man to my left, Mr. J to my right, two more in seats in the row directly in front of me, and I sensed a few others standing in the row behind me. I reached out and touched the swollen cocks of the men on either side of me and they responded by stroking my thighs. So delicious!

The two men in front of me were half-turned in their seats and soon switched on a tiny flashlight that they shone down on my wetness, everything glimmering in its intense direct light. One of them reached over and hooked his fingers into my pussy and started finger fucking me in that way I love love love – with fingers slightly bent rubbing constantly against my G-spot. I immediately started gushing into his cupped hand and he seemed pretty excited about it. So was I! I love the constant low thrum that G-spot stim gives me! I could feel the heat rising to all my exposed skin, and I felt the men behind me lean forward to see.

I spread my legs wider and inched down in my seat, so I could crane my head back and see their dicks, in hand, swinging out of their trousers. “Grab their cocks,” Mr. J said to me. So I did. What is it about porn theatres, do only guys with sizey cocks go there? I think so! Not that I’m a size queen but I was pleasantly surprised by everyone’s member, especially Mr. J. As I grabbed and pumped my hands up and down their shafts, Mr. J shone his own tiny light onto the action, hoping to catch a big cumshot in action. Another fellow shone a warmer golden light on my little titties, which I pushed up out of my black bra so that my nipples were peeking out the edges. A few hands reached out and stroked and pinched my nipples. Someone behind me groaned and shot cum all over the theatre wall. Must have been a tit man! One down, and many more to go…

Every few minutes the door to the cinema would bang open and another person would enter or leave. The first few times it happened, we all flinched and scattered our little cock light show. But soon enough, none of us cared about anything but what was happening right there. Distractions be damned!

After a long while of getting played with and pumping cocks with my hands, I’d had enough of sitting down. I’d had enough of being stroked and stroking others. It was time to get fucked. I stood up and found my footing again – I’m always a little shakey on my legs after I’ve been doing some heavy breathing! As I stood up, I decided it would be a good idea to leave my skirt pulled up around my waist so that everyone could see my ass as I walked down the aisle of the theatre to the first row of seats. I heard murmurs of appreciation as everyone trailed me.

Facing the back of the theatre, I leaned over the first row of seats. I heard Mr. J opening a condom and watched over my shoulder as he rolled it on. I grabbed the edges of the seat and leaned over as he entered and then pounded me. The man who had done such a great job of finger-fucking me stood behind the first row of seats facing me so I took his red latex-swathed hard-on into my mouth in appreciation. I felt everyone gather behind me in a semi-circle to watch the show, now fully illuminated by the big-action porn playing on the screen. It was great to have some company from those vid ladies in my loud moaning!

My blowjob finally brought the guy in front of me to orgasm, and I felt his hard cock pulsate in my mouth and fill the condom. The semi-circle jerk started shooting off, I noticed a few guys jerking and shiny streams raining down on the floor in the screen’s light. Finally, I begged Mr. J to shoot his load on my ass. Always a good sport, he agreed. He snapped off the condom and with a big shake of the tip of his dick, he deposited a gooey mess in the centre of my right ass cheek. Someone clapped. Everyone laughed, too, with that pleasurable feeling of relief and happiness.

I felt pretty fucking fantastic to give everyone there such a wonderful reason to masturbate again later that evening! For helping to create so many joyous explosions, Mr. J was extra generous. I love that. Thanks, Mr. J!

And of course, everyone was so kind and generous and respectful afterwards, I must have been offered a boxful of tissues after I managed to straighten up and button my blouse and pull my skirt down. I tried to walk out alone, but the theatre manager motioned me into his office. For a moment I feared being scolded for being such a naughty girl, but he just asked me if I would suck him off! I laughed, and told him I had another engagement. So I walked out, strolling south down Yonge, smiling at the crowds, and made my way into the warm swell of night crowds at Dundas Square…


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  1. O
    December 6th, 2009 - Reply

    Wow! Roxy that was fucking hot lol! Great story. You just pushed me one step closer to a visit with you 😀

  2. mike p
    December 30th, 2010 - Reply

    I just love the story and only wished i was in the seat beside you.

  3. milli
    January 7th, 2011 - Reply

    loved your story. I have always wanted to do something like this in a theatre. if you ever need another girl to go to the theatre let me know lol. I love cock so much

  4. Spence_ca
    April 20th, 2011 - Reply

    once again delicious. Knowing that many of those guys are bi and would have gladly shared that cock with you is also a big turn-on!

  5. Golem
    April 27th, 2011 - Reply

    I hope to see you,and enjoy your CUMpany,soon.

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