Submissive Man Taken Down by Two Dominant Women

Submissive Man Taken Down by Two Dominant Women

You walk into the bar at your hotel, exhausted and weary from the flight, wondering what your business meeting tomorrow will bring, and generally unexcited to be in the city of Toronto at such a cold time of year. You stand at the bar. You order a Talisker scotch on the rocks, ready to unwind before heading up to your room to check your email and maybe watch some TV.

And then you notice two lovely women at the other end of the bar, chatting together easily, drinking martinis, and not fruity looking ones, either. One is a sporty-looking blonde. The other, brunette, a luscious Dita Von Tesse type. They sit on high stools, and both are wearing seamed stockings, short skirts, and beautiful blouses. The blonde is wearing a high-necked blouse that accentuates her beautiful neck; the other a low cut number with a string of pearls.

Dressed like that, you wonder if they are working girls.

You want to stare, but realize it would be impolite, and perhaps creepy. You want to go over and say hello, but suspect you would be shot down. Instead, you look down into your glass, and slip a $50 over the bar. You tell the bartender to give the girls another round of the same.

You continue looking into your glass, and they seem to laugh louder as you nervously wait, wondering how they will react. You see the bartender go over, and gesture towards you. They look over, and smile. And beckon you over. What?? You pick your drink and yourself up and walk over on jelly legs.

Thank you for the drinks, the blonde says as you arrive. She introduces herself, eyes shining, a big smile on her face. You notice that she has a small gap between her teeth, super sexy-like, and you can’t stop staring at it. Until she introduces you to her friend, whose velvety deep red lipstick remains perfectly stained on her lips, and not on her martini glass. You feel your cock stir under your pants, and you move closer to the bar to obscure it. You gather your composure, and participate in their light conversation about the changing weather and the best restaurants in New York, all the while feeling distinctly distracted by their tight clothes, the smell of their hair, and the taste of scotch in your dry mouth.

Finally, the brunette asks you if you are married. You are. You don’t want to say. Instead you say you are divorced. She smiles. I don’t care if you are or if you aren’t, she says. I’m just making conversation. She can tell you are lying, but obviously doesn’t care.

The mood is jovial, and so you continue to order drinks for all, and the blonde tells you they are staying on the 11th floor. Your arms prickle at this information. Your room is also on that floor. You chat more, and they seem to be slowing on drinking as they say they have an early meeting with a client. You wonder what their business is. They thank you for the drinks and you pay for the bill. You all head to the elevator together. You wait uncomfortably long for it to arrive on the ground floor, everyone quiet, and then finally, you enter the car, and the two women stand very close together, looking at each other knowingly. You wonder what is going on. The slow ride up finally ends and you gesture for the ladies to leave the elevator so you can see the view from behind. It is fine, as

You part ways just outside the elevator, saying goodnight, and you know you will be spending some time stroking your dick in bed, imagining the two of them sucking it. You fumble for your keycard, and enter your room, take off your suit, splash some water on your face, and look yourself hard in the mirror. Those women.

Then, a knock at the door.

You open the door, and there they are. What??

May we come in? asks the brunette. The blonde smiles again. You step back into the room in shock and they quickly enter, shut the door, and slide the security bar closed. Trapped.

The brunette comes up very close and puts her hand directly on your balls, squeezing lightly, and backs you onto the bed. You fall back awkwardly, and the blonde laughs. The brunette straddles you, and brings her cleavage so close to your face. We own you now, she hard whispers. Your dick immediately hardens, and the brunette orders the blonde to bring out the rope. She moves quickly around the bed, and you struggle to turn to see what she is doing, but the brunette pins your arms with her thighs, and holds your chin, forcing you to look directly at her. Don’t move, you little shit, she says.

The blonde quickly encases your wrists and ankles in leather restraints and loops rope through them, pulling your limbs spreadeagled onto the bed. The brunette slowly eases off you and checks the knots, congratulating the blonde for a job well done. You finally release the breath that you have been holding since you were pushed onto the bed.

Don’t relax just yet, says the blonde, noticing you. We are only just getting started. She steps out of her skirt and blouse, and you see that she is wearing full-bottomed silk panties and bra, with garter and stockings. Her ass is so plump and round, you imagine burying your face in it. She drapes her clothes on a chair and watches the brunette undress as well. The brunette is wearing a vintage full girdle, pinched in at the waist. She stares hard at you as you watch her undress, and makes sure you see her slide on a pair of black latex gloves. The snap and smell of the latex turns you on further. Look now because you won’t get much more of a chance, she taunts. She does a slow turn, allowing you to see all of her milky white skin, organized into such lovely curves. Hot damn, says the blonde appreciatively.

Then they move towards you, and suddenly it is all blackness. Someone has slipped a blindfold over you. Wait, it’s too tight, you protest. But they don’t seem to care. What are you going to do to me???

Your ears prick up, and everything seems more electric. But your question is met with silence. You can hear their breathing, and soon you feel their hands stroking and tickling the whole length of your body. They seem to touch you from all sides, and the smooth feel of the latex gloves warms your skin. Soon you feel their hair touching you too, and someone finds your sensitive nipples and tweaks them, hard. You gasp. They seem to be coming closer than arm’s length. You smell warm vanilla in their hair, and soon they are rubbing their whole bodies up and down the length of you. It is excruciatingly delicious. You start moaning and squirming, you are really getting into this and then suddenly it stops. Fuck.

They are over in the corner of the room, you can hear them murmuring and kissing. Then a sharp slap rings out and someone cries out, you think it’s probably the blonde. Then there are continued paddling sounds, you can tell someone is getting spanked. There is moaning and gasping and shuffling, your dick drips precum just from the sound of it.

You briefly worry about the people in the room next door. You wonder what these women would say on the phone if the front desk called up with a noise complaint…your dick wilts. You are distracted by these worrying thoughts, and then suddenly realize that the room is quiet again.

You feel someone climb onto the foot of the bed and then someone’s mouth is on your dick, all warm and wet, and she gobbles up your cock until it is all the way in her throat. She doesn’t move, but just patiently waits for it to grow bigger, and bigger, filling her throat. It doesn’t take long to get rock hard again. She works her mouth up and down on it, spitting all over it. Then she starts moaning and you feel the bed thumping against the headboard, and you realize that she is probably getting fucked from behind by the other one. It must be good because the girl on your cock sucks harder and faster. Her moans get louder and louder and the woman at the end of the bed orders her to come, and she does, with a long, loud cry, and suddenly you are right on the edge and you feel like you might come, too, but this girl on your dick is a pro, she pulls her mouth away at just the right moment, hops up, and straddles you. You feel her hot wet cunt against your balls, and she starts to touch you but then squeals as she is pulled backwards off you. There is whispering between them.

The blonde leans forward and whispers in your ear. If we untie you, will you behave and do exactly what we ask of you? So far, these girls seem to give it out just like you want it. You feel a small frisson of fear, but it’s the good kind. Yes, you promise, submissively. She removes the blindfold. Her face is all red and she is now naked, except for stockings and heels.

While the blonde holds your arms down and straddles you again, the brunette moves around the bed, untying the knots. Then both girls each take an arm and lead you over to the other side of the room and seat you in a chair. Now the brunette straddles you to hold you in place, and she is still wearing the gloves but they are all wet with the juices of the blonde, she forces her fingers into your mouth to taste them. You like tasting my friend’s pussy, don’t you? Are you our little slut toy? You start nodding without even thinking about it.

The blonde brings the ropes over from the bed and lashes you to the chair again, while the brunette continues to finger fuck your mouth. You gag and choke a bit and she smiles. I own all your holes, she says. Now I’m going to fuck you up just right…

She climbs off you and produces a beautiful stainless steel ass plug. She trails it against your cheek, and it is so deathly cold. She invites the blonde to sit on your lap and then works the plug in and out of her friend’s mouth, warming it, getting it nice and wet. She then moves down and spreads open your legs and you worry about your ass being so tight, will she force it in there or be merciful and ease it in slowly? Either way you don’t feel you can ask for anything. You feel debased, played with, like you what you want doesn’t really matter, like these two girls will just use and abuse you and leave you…

The brunette starts touching all around your asshole and slaps your dick, hard. It jumps to the side and you gasp again. It only makes your cock stiffer. It’s still wet from the blow job. You have never seen it so hard and big.

The brunette then says she’d like to see the blonde ride your cock. The blonde obliges, rolls a big condom onto you, and straddles the arms of the chair. She buries her face in your neck and poises her pussy directly over the tip of your cock, working it along the seam of her swollen pussy, teasing you and teasing you while the brunette touches around your asshole, now with the warmed butt plug. Holy shit, you think. Are they going to rob me when they are done with me, too?

Suddenly the plug is in and the blonde is rocking hard on your dick, squeezing her muscular thighs over the chair arms, pumping her whole body up and down. You try and reach her perfect ear with your lips. You can feel the edges of your asshole straining against the plug, pushing against a place where you feel your cum gathering hard and fast. The brunette moves behind you now, and holds your head back so you can’t touch the blonde with your lips. I don’t think so, she says. She forces open your mouth again with those gloved hands, and leans above you, and spits in your face. You are our dirty whore, aren’t you? she demands. Yes, yes, I am, you try to say, but her spit fills your throat and you choke, trying to swallow this gift from her body. She then alternates from spitting into your opened mouth, to slapping to squeezing around your throat. You are going crazy, thinking you might pass out from the choking. But you realize that you don’t really care, all you want is to be their animal toy, to be played with and thrown out.

The blonde is still riding your cock, tits bouncing everywhere, and she seems to be close to coming again. The brunette is watching her too, and finally asks you Are you ready to come?

If it pleases you, you squeak out. Ok then, she says. When I start pinching your pathetical little nipples, then you can come…

The blonde knows this is her cue as well. She starts rubbing her clit with her fingers and rides you hard. You clench the plug with your ass and feel her juices running down over your balls, staining the chair. She starts moaning hard and you feel the brunette twisting your nipples without mercy. You feel a swelling feeling come up from your balls and you explode a huge load into the blonde, the brunette is laughing now. She holds your head back, and looks at the droopy condom as the blonde climbs off. We’ll let you take care of your mess, she says. They blindfold you again, and all you can do is sit there sleepily while you hear them get dressed. Finally they remove the rope and the brunette says to keep your eyes closed as she removes the blindfold once again. You obey.

You count slowly backwards from ten, and when you get to one, you can open your eyes, she says. You start counting, almost forgetting the numbers because you are falling asleep in the chair. Finally you reach one, open your eyes and they are gone.

Vanished like a dream.

But they have left the butt plug in your ass. You pull it out, hold it up. A memento. You will cherish it.

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  1. Don
    December 20th, 2010 - Reply

    WOW!! if you wanted to get this 55 yr old man hard as a rock you succeeded!! Time to jerk and jerk again

  2. byboitoy
    December 28th, 2010 - Reply

    Wow that sound familiar…!

    when do we get to do that!

  3. Spence_ca
    April 19th, 2011 - Reply

    Jesus Christ!

    Let that please be me!

  4. Michael
    January 19th, 2017 - Reply

    That was great, but they were too gentle and they should have had some friends waiting in the hall till he was tied up then called in and….!

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