Daddy Knows Best

Daddy Knows Best

She has been home from her class at the local community college for a little while now. It’s Friday night. She is getting ready for her hot date with her boyfriend when his text message comes in: babe, gotta go to work. can’t meet tonite.


Upset, she slams the phone down beside her vanity mirror. He always does this to her! She is already dressed in her clingiest dress, and had slipped into her platform heels with the small rhinestone ankle strap. She was just putting on the last touches of her make-up and now this. All dressed up and ready to go. And really horny, too. She thinks about calling him to give him a piece of her mind but decides against it. She has a little buzz going from a glass of wine and doesn’t want to get even angrier.


Besides, she could find her own fun without him, right?


She stands up and looks at herself in the full-length mirror by her closet. Very hot. Her round ass looks extra juicy when she wears these heels, and her lips are wet-looking and full. She does a half turn, and smoothes the red dress down over her hips, pausing on her butt cheeks, giving them an extra squeeze, and also pulls them slightly apart so she can feel her butthole clench in response. Hmmm. The sensation makes her pussy tingle. She glances over to the computer and then at her watch. She should have enough time alone in the house before anyone gets home to watch something sexy online. She flips open the laptop and starts browsing to her favourite links on youtube, mostly amateur videos of girls getting their asses worshipped, licked, and fucked. Her pussy starts throbbing but still she teases herself by not touching herself – yet. She flexes her thighs in and out, feeling everything down there getting swollen and wet inside her white cotton panties. She turns the sound up and closes her eyes for a minute, imagining herself as the girl in the video. She can’t stand it any longer and pulls her dress up over her ass, lays back on the bed, and starts teasing herself by lightly tracing the outline of her outer lips through the cotton with her fingers, feeling the wet on the fabric. She reaches to her bedside table and brings out a small vibrator that she uses on the outside of her panties, just to keep teasing. The buzz is a bit loud and she gets lost in the play, not noticing that someone has come home. She is lying there with her legs open, the porn blaring, the vibrator buzzing, when her dad comes to the door of her room to say hello.


Noticing what she is doing, and that she has left her door open, he steps just a bit inside the room. Hello?” he says.


The girl is startled, opens her eyes, and quickly sits up on the bed. “I didn’t hear you come in,” she says. “Sorry! I didn’t expect you until later! “


She pulls her dress down, her face red. She clicks the laptop closed.


“I don’t care if you watch porn, you know, he says. You’re old enough. You don’t have to be embarrassed. I got off work a bit early, and I wanted to try and see you before you went out on your big date. What time are you going?


“The scumbag cancelled on me again,” she says. “And I was really looking forward to it!”


“Oh no,” Dad says. “Do you want to talk about it?”


“Sure,” she says. He comes into her room and sits on the bed beside her. “I just can’t believe him, I am so hot for him and he doesn’t even seem to care. You should see what I had planned for him tonight!”


“Well your dress is very sexy, my dear.” Dad says. “You always look so good.”


“Yes, well I was really looking forward to being taken out because I have been so broke lately,” she says. “In fact, I have been thinking about trying out something new to make some better money, Daddy.”


“What is it?” he asks.


“Well, I am a bit worried that you won’t like it, but I have been thinking about being a dancer at a strip club. My friend works at that one near your office, and she says the tips are amazing and that you get to pick your songs and do whatever you want on stage.”


“I go there sometimes, you know,” Dad says. “It is very clean and the girls are nice. I think you should go for it, I know you hate your retail job. Why don’t you show me some of the dance moves you’ve been working on?”


“Really? Ok, I was going to show them to the scumbag tonight but now he is out of luck. Are you sure you have time, Daddy?”


“Sure. Put some music on and show me what you’ve got,” he leans back on the bed and smiles expectantly.


The girl turns on the laptop and soon booty-shaking music is pouring from it. Nervously at first, but then with more confidence, she prances around the room, flipping up the edges of her dress, just barely showing her panties, leaning over, teasing with her round butt. She isn’t a very good dancer, but it doesn’t really matter. Her nipples are showing through her dress and that is enough. Her eyes are half-closed, as she imagines that her boyfriend is sitting there and that it isn’t her dad. But then she peeks over her shoulder at him, throwing her hair back, and she notices something about him that she never noticed before: a big bulge in his pants.


Just seeing that he is so turned on makes her want to look at him more. She glances up at his face and sees that he is watching her face, too. He is breathing heavily and she wonders if this is really happening.


“Why don’t you show me your ideas for lapdances, honey?” he asks, moving to the edge of the bed sitting upright. “Dance right over my lap, that’s the only way that the guys at the club can tip you. Look, I’ll even give you the chance to practice taking the tip from me,” he offers. He takes a few bills out of his wallet.


Why not? she thinks. She needs the practice. She is getting warm anyways, why not take off her dress? She lifts it over her head to reveal a white bra that matches her panties, with lacy cups and bows decorating the front. Plus she can feel her pussy getting even more swollen. She really wanted to get off tonight. Why not see where a little sexual energy might take her? Her and her dad have always gotten along well, no complaints. He felt more like a roommate to her now that she was an adult, anyways. His opinion as a man mattered to her.


She dances closer to him, and straddles one of his thighs, lightly brushing her cunt over him, and holds her arms over her head, slowly moving her hips in a figure-eight pattern. Dad’s face is so close to her tits, but he keeps his hands lying on the bed, a few bills clutched in his hand. She can see that his face is flushed. She wonders what he is thinking.


She climbs off his leg and slowly turns around, sticking her ass out so that her panties slide up her butt cheeks a little bit. She feels so turned on that it makes her bold. She sits right down on his lap and feels his hard-on poking between her ass cheeks. Facing away from him, she wiggles around on him, giggling a bit, feeling a bit shy still. He holds perfectly still while she bounces up and down on his lap.


Unexpectedly the music track ends and she feels instantly uncomfortable because the dance demo is obviously over. But she doesn’t want to get up from his lap. And he doesn’t say anything either. Instead she reaches behind her and unzips his pants, releasing his cock from his tight underwear. He can’t help but groan, and the tip of his cock is already glistening with precum, the skin on its knobby head pulled tight. She gathers up the precum between her fingers and starts stroking the whole length of his dick with her warm hand, neither of them looking directly at each other. She pulls down the top of her panties and slowly rubs his cock up and down against her ass crack, getting everything nice and wet. Finally his hands start groping her thighs and ass, and he slightly stands to allow his pants to fall to the floor, freeing his balls and opening his legs further.


She didn’t expect this to happen. But she feels really excited that it is happening. Her dad’s cock is beautiful and so hard, and all she wants right now is to get fucked – it doesn’t matter by who. Wordlessly, she kneels on the bed and pulls her panties halfway down her thighs so she can feel extra slutty stretching them open with her legs slightly parted. Her dad stands up silently behind her and before she expects it, he slams expertly into her pussy. She cries out. “Daddy!”


“You like it like that, don’t you, little girl? I hear the way your boyfriend fucks you when you come home late at night,” he pants to her. “I’m going to give you what you want.”


Her pussy is so wet with anticipation that it drips down on the bed, coating his cock and balls with her juices. And he is right – with each thrust she backs her ass closer and closer to him, maximizing the depth to which he can enter her. She is moaning and now is holding her butt cheeks open to heighten the sensation. She likes it hard and slow like that. He is slamming into her again and again, and eventually she shrieks and shudders so much that he knows she is about to come. He feels her pussy tighten and relax around his dick, pulsing and driving him over the edge. Just as she comes, he pulls out and shoots a big stream of cum all over her ass cheek. It drips down to join the puddle of her juices on the bed. Holy shit, he thinks. Did that really just happen?!?

She leans over to her bedside table and pulls a few tissues out of the box, dabbing up the cum all over her ass. She too is flushed and feeling the unreality of it all. She feels a bit embarrassed and so crawls up on the bed, and wraps herself in the bedcovers. He leans over her and tucks her in. “I guess you will stay in tonight after all, right honey?” He kisses her on the cheek, lifting his pants from the floor. She is pretty blissed out, already she is feeling a bit sleepy. He turns out the bedside lamp and shuts down her laptop. “Let’s go for a nice breakfast in the morning, ok?” he says.


“Hmmm mmmm,” she answers, burying her face in the pillow. He walks to her bedroom door, leaving her be for the night.


“I was just thinking that maybe you could make more money as an escort than as a dancer,” her dad says as he closes the door. “Just a thought.” She smiles in the dark.



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