She walks into MY room, looking over her shoulder at me. Of course I follow...

Hot Slut Rides My Face in Mexico

It’s the end of the year and my boyfriend has offered to finance a little sun and sand holiday for us to Mexico. I am delighted, of course. After four months of hard work at school, I am ready for a break. We arrive at the all-inclusive resort a few days before Christmas. I only have a very small carry-on suitcase – all the clothes I have are small bikinis and tight transparent cotton dresses. What else do you need on holiday? We arrive in the afternoon and as the porter carries our bags across the resort, around the pool, I feel like a pale fish swimming up out of the depths.

Looking around at all the bodies draped on lounge chairs, my body starts tingling under my winter clothes. So many women laying around, sunning, reading, sleeping, splashing, giggling. So many opportunities to look at them without them noticing my hungry eyes behind my sunglasses.

This is mostly a family resort and so all the women are with their kids or their parents. There are few couples which is disappointing – usually I can meet a couple at the bar and invite them back to my room with my boyfriend for a little foursome fun. I feel disappointed in this until I see her. She is alone when I first see her lounging in a beach chair reading a book and dangling one smooth leg over the side. She is wearing a two-piece swimsuit, all black, with a white t-shirt over top. The t-shirt is quite thin, I can see the outline of her bikini top through the t-shirt. Her luscious tits spill out of every edge of her top. Maybe she is wearing the t-shirt because she is shy about how busty she looks in the swimsuit. Did she outgrow it over the past few winter months? I love thinking that she gained some weight and is too curvy for all her clothes now. She isn’t too tall, but she has that skin that easily tans and short brown hair so I can notice her sexy neck and I can imagine nuzzling it, kissing it, whispering in her ear how much I want to make her nipples hard. She seems to be younger than me, most definitely, but it is hard to guess her exact age.

My boyfriend and I get settled in our room and I suggest to my boyfriend that we change and return to the pool area. I slip into my own pink-patterned bikini. I make sure the bottoms pull down a little bit on my ass so that as I walk, a small opening between the suit and my body is created with each step. If you are looking at the right angle, you might get a little peek into the dark crack leading to my pussy.

Each time I take a step the elastic bottoms pull and stretch against my swollen cunt, turning me on. I love parading around underdressed. I have missed this during the past few months of Ontario winter!

I position my beach chair across the pool from her so I can easily observe her over the top of my magazine. My boyfriend knows full well what is going on and he is amused, watching me already on the prowl. I’m sure he hopes that he will also get a taste. She is still sitting there reading her book, alone. I can see her whole body glistening with sweat, the t-shirt even more transparent with moisture. Her lips are slightly pursed as she reads, and I can see sweat on her upper lip. I lick my lips, imagining the salty sweet taste of her. Her expression is covered by her mirrored sunglasses. Then unexpectedly she hops up, peels off the t-shirt and dives into the pool between us. She surfaces and so do her big breasts, just floating up on the surface and she smoothes back her short hair and shakes water off her face. Oh my dear God.

Of course I take the opportunity to also take a dip. I open my eyes under the water and swim closer to her, admiring her strong legs and round bum. I feel a bit nervous but I am strategizing. How will I get to know her?

Later on I see her at dinner, this time she is with some people, it looks like family. I wind my way to the buffet, crossing behind their table. They are speaking French. OK, so she is Quebecoise. It only deepens the intrigue for me, as I can’t understand all that she is saying. I make my way back to my table and I make sure that I sit facing her. I set my plate down and glance over her again. I am surprised to see that she is looking straight at me. I blush. Did she notice me checking her out? She makes eye contact with me and doesn’t look away. I hold her gaze as I fill my water glass from the glass pitcher. The beads of condensation on it feel delightfully cold all of a sudden, as my skin flushes so hot. My boyfriend laughs, and points out the redness on my chest around the line of my low cut dress. “DId you wear that for her?” he asks. She eventually looks away to pay attention to the person next to her. I try to finish my dinner calmly, but I keep having to squeeze and wiggle my knees together, giving my pussy a little massage, thinking about how her soft t-shirt looked over her swimsuit earlier.

The next day we camp ourselves out by the ocean in the morning, hiring a boy to set up a big umbrella. I ask my boyfriend to slather on sun cream and he spends an extra long time smoothing it over my legs and the bottom of my ass, since I tend to burn right along the edge of my swimsuit where the skin is extra soft and secret. I notice that his shorts are bulging by the time he is done my legs, and he deliberately crosses over in front of where I am lying on the beach lounge so I can see his hard cock in his trunks while he smooths cream onto my shoulders and back. I smile. He is having fun. We spend the morning slowly rotating our chairs around the circle of shade it traces on the sand as the sun crosses the Caribbean sky, alternating with dips in the ocean, laughing and letting the waves wash over us. I am on the lookout for the girl, but no luck. I am in no rush, though – my fantasies about her keep me going. I keep undoing my top as I lay on my belly to get a better tan and as my bare tits graze the chair, I wiggle around to feel the little bits of sand touch them and I imagine they are her fingertips, brushing against me…

After a quick bite of lunch my boyfriend suggests going surfing but I feel like having a bit of alone time so we agree to meet back for dinner. I bid him goodbye and wander into the dark hallway of the hotel, fumbling for my key in my beach bag after the hot bright sun outside. I am digging in my bag for what seems like forever when I hear someone coming down the hall in flip flops. I glance up and my eyes are now adjusted to the dim. Yes. It’s her. And she is alone. What luck. I watch her as she approaches, the key in my hand, she is looking directly at me, a slow smile creeping over her lips. She is wearing the same swimsuit as yesterday, but with no t-shirt. The swimsuit is slightly off-kilter from where she was wearing it on her body yesterday. I can tell because the tan lines are peeking out around her neck and hips. I am staring, I know it. I feel my nipples tighten and I am suddenly conscious of the feeling of every speck of sand on my body. She comes to a stop right next to me. She smells so good, like coconut lotion. She takes the key from my hand and slips it in the lock, twists the door and pushes it open. I am shocked. She walks into MY room, looking over her shoulder at me. Of course I follow.

I come very close to her, close enough to have our nipples brush each other, and she leans in and kisses me, so gently and sweetly that I begin to wonder how old she really is. Close up she looks even younger than I thought, and it turns me on to think that she is just a college student, or maybe even a high school student. So precocious. Her body is emanating heat, and I wonder if it is from the sun or from the feeling of my hands slowly wandering up her back, my fingers sneaking under the black straps of her swimsuit. We press against each other and I realize that this is really going to happen, this hot girl is ready to play with me and I have the room to myself for the afternoon.

I gently tug on the strap and the knot comes undone, I pull the triangles of the swimsuit away from where they are tucked under her luscious tits and she slightly moans as I free her from the tight straps. I brush away small bits of sand and lean over to take her tits in my hands. Oh sweet God. I kiss them all over and then wind my tongue around her nipples, bury my face in the space between, licking and sniffing every bit of her. She is salty and sweet at the same time. Her head and shoulders are thrown back, as she pushes her tits deeper and deeper in my mouth. I could stand here tasting her forever… but she has other plans.

She takes my hands and drops them to my sides, and slowly backs me up to the bed, pushing me backwards onto it.

I put my hands behind my head as she hops up onto the bed, crawling up and over me, letting her tits hang down and tracing her nipples against my skin, all the way up my body. I can feel my pussy gushing a little bit, getting wider and wider, and I squirm with the thought of her pressing her breasts against the mound of my pussy, the hard nipple making contact with my clit.

She scoots all the way up my body and I know what she wants: to sit on my face. She is still wearing her swimsuit bottoms, and she arranges her long legs on either side of my face and sits right down. My nose and mouth are buried in the moist nylon fabric, and all I taste is sea salt and heat from her. She presses her hips down and forward, pushing my nose up like a little pig, and I greedily sniff and stick my tongue out, reaching for a taste. Instantly she rises up off my face, and I raise my head up, following her. She laughs and pushes my forehead back with one hand. The other hand sneaks into her swimsuit, and a little moan escapes her. I know her own fingers are buried in her cunt. She squirms around on them and then pulls them out, bringing them to my nose and mouth and slowly begins pushing her fingers in and out of my mouth. She tastes musky and briny, and there are a few specks of sand here and there but I don’t care. I hungrily stick out my tongue, wanting to lick every bit of her juices from her hand, straining to get closer and closer to that now growing wet patch I see on her swimsuit.

Finally she lowers her pussy back to my face, just barely pulling her bottoms to the side, so I can see her swollen inner lips spilling out of her outer lips, all glistening and pink. I flick my tongue out, trying to reach her, and then she bears all her weight down on me, smothering me. I can’t even breathe. Doesn’t matter. I could die happy right now.

She gets comfortable on my face and then reaches back and places the heel of her hand on my pubis, rocking her torso back and forth, matching the rhythm with pressure on my cunt. I feel like I might explode from the weight and taste of her. As her cunt spreads out on my face, a little river of juice trickles out over my cheeks. A puddle of wet has been sitting just inside her lips, waiting for my tongue to sponge it up, swirl it around, make a wet mess of the whole length of her cunt. She is so hot and moany. Ahhhhh…

She rides my face, dropping down just enough for me to gasp a breath through my nose and then back up again. I frantically lick and suck whatever I can as she slides around, but this seems to be her show, not mine: she is truly fucking my face and enjoying it. Each time I manage to push my tongue up into her cunt hole she cries out a little bit, and her tits are jiggling madly above me. I reach up and hold their heavy weight in my hands, circling her nipples with my fingertips, then lightly slapping her tits around, then pinching and flicking her nipples. Her thrusting increases in speed as I do this and just as I think that she is going to break my face if we continue this way, her legs spread even wider and her body stiffens and then it is all over… she moans loudly, quivering all over as her orgasm rocks her whole body. I can see sweat dripping down between her tits. I want to taste it. But I lie still as she catches her breath, and then raises her body up, pulling her bottoms again over the wet mess I have made of her pussy. She is really flushed, she looks a bit embarrassed. But also satisfied. She climbs off the bed and I can hear her flushing the toilet a few minutes later. I just lie there, wondering what will happen next, my cunt pounding. She eventually peeks around the corner leading to the toilet, and mouths “thank you” to me, and then I hear the door click shut behind her.

I check my watch. Still early. I can’t believe this has all happened. My swimsuit is soaked. There is even a wet spot on the bed beneath me. I hop up, open my suitcase, find my big vibrating dildo and fuck myself silly. I imagine it is her hand inside me as she rides my face. I keep sniffing and tasting her all over my face until I come so hard, my pussy all filled up with wet and this big toy.

Drifting off to sleep, the toy still warm from my cunt, I wonder if I will see her again this week. I hope so…


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