Doggie Toy

Doggie Toy

He’s been my toy for a while now. He comes around often, and I just do with him whatever I feel like at the time. That’s how he likes it – to be used at a whim, to be played with, to not know what is coming. To be honest, I don’t know what’s coming either. I just let my pussy boss me around. My cunt runs the show.

He rings the bell and I peep through the peephole. He looks nervously eager. I say hello loudly without opening the door and order him to undo his pants. He blushes a little bit but then unbuckles his pants and lets his semi-stiff dick hang down. I make him wait a minute or so, and I know he’s wondering if anyone can see him. I continue to peep him through the hole, smiling to myself.

When I’m ready, I whip open the door and pull him into my apartment by the dick. It’s getting harder by the minute. As soon as the door is closed behind us, I insist he fully undresses. I remain clothed. He can see the outline of my panties through my tight dress. I didn’t bother to wear a bra today.

He’s undressed and I tell him to twirl around so I can see every part of him. He holds up his cock and balls to me, and I can see that he has shaved them cleanly for me. I order him to open his mouth and stick out his tongue. I slide my fingers into his mouth and he slowly sucks on them. “Good doggy,” I tell him. I finish inspecting his whole body like he’s some prize animal, finishing with him bending over and opening his ass to me. Now this won’t do. He hasn’t shaved his butthole. Maybe he left it for me to take care of. I make him get down on his hands and knees and I bring out my ladies shave cream and squirt a big pink puff on his bum. I shave roughly all around, and he sits very pretty waiting for me to finish. I towel it off, and he looks shiny and perfect for defiling.

I stand in front of him now, and slowly wriggle my panties down my thighs. I show him the little white blob of lady pre-cum on them and make him smell it. He should know how hot it makes me to see him so exposed and under my control. Again, I order him to stick out his tongue and then I wipe the panties on it. I spread my own ass in front of his face and he sees my immaculate tight butthole. He moans and leans over to get closer to it, but only manage to land a slight kiss on my butt cheek. I like being just out of his reach.

I order him to squat now, and I spread my legs over his and squat my pussy just over his swaying dick. I want to mark my territory. He struggles to stay still as ordered while I slowly release my pee onto him, and it runs hot down his dong and over his balls, dripping to the floor. He seems to like the sensation because his dick bobs up and down, agreeing with me. But he doesn’t really say anything or look at me too directly. He does try to grab his own cock but I push his hand away. He’s done that in the past and things just ended too quickly. He holds his hands behind his back, his legs trembling, and I slap his wet dick gently, just to smarten it up, not to hurt him.

I stand up, inching my skirt back down my thighs and pull him by the dick into the shower. I stand there, still fully dressed. I like watching his naked and vulnerable body shiver in the shower as he struggles to get the water to the right temperature. Once he’s under the water I soap him up and down and clean out his butthole and his balls, I take the shower head and direct it right onto his tender skin, it’s quite hot but he seems to enjoy it.

When he’s all clean I turn the water off and throw a towel at him, he dries off while I watch. I grab his dick again and lead him to my bedroom, sitting him on the bed. It’s a perfect position to hike up my skirt and show him my bare bottom, and stick his nose deep in my ass crack. He inhales deeply and starts sticking his tongue all deep in it, and I let him feast on my ass.

I bend over a bit more so his tongue can probe deeper and deeper in my butthole, opening me up and lubing me up. I kneel down on the bed and as he watches I slowly work a butt plug into my waiting asshole. He wishes aloud it was his dick, which I give him permission to jerk while I fill my butt up with the assplug. It feels so good and full in there, and his eyes on my ass feel warm and sexy. I like to be watched. Once the toy is comfortably inside, I instruct him to slowly place his mouth around the base of it, and slowly rock it in circles while I play with my clit.

It doesn’t take too long being in that position with my butt filled up so nice to cum really hard, and when I do cum I push him back on my bed and sit my dripping pussy onto his face, coating him with my juices, choking him with the taste, watching his eyes water as he gasps for breath and his cock still bobbing up and down trying to get my attention.


So I turn around and sit on his face backwards, so his mouth is still full of lady cum but his eyes can see my butthole grabbing the toy, it’s an inch from his face. But he still can’t touch it! I wrap my hands, both of them, around his cock and rub slowly up and down. Each time he stiffens extra hard like he is going to cum I slap slap slap his dick, and he begs me to stop and promises not to cum. I keep spitting on his dick, and also on his chest and face for good measure. He’s just a dirty animal. His face is all red and he seems a bit out of control. I smother his face with my pussy to calm him down.

He quiets down and I figure it’s time to give him his doggie treat.

I use one hand on his dick and with the knuckles on my other hand i start slowing stroking the outside of his lubed up butthole, his swollen balls getting in my way. This guy is so turned on now, it’s not going to take much until yes, his whole body tightens and a fountain of cum sprays up, I try to catch it in my hands and smear it all over his face, cramming my fingers in his hungry maw again, making him lick up every drop I can force into his waiting mouth. Finally his eyes flutter closed, he is clearly spent and happy, and I lie down beside him, still totally dressed except for my soaked panties abandoned on the floor. I’m clenching my butthole around the toy, it’s throbbing and happy, waiting for him to regain his strength so I can force his dick into my pussy next round, maybe doggy-style…

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