I'm getting down and dirty in the spring

I’m always ready for you

Hello all,

Happy spring 2016 to you! I have been busy getting down and dirty, enjoying the warmer weather and the long, lingering looks on the streets…

I have recently completed a new photo shoot detailing all the delicious crevices I have. I hope you enjoy it. You will find the link in my gallery. Also, I’m happy to officially announce a little surprise many of you have been enjoying with me in secret, and that is my duo partner, Ruby. We have been playing together for a long time, both with men and alone, and we finally invited a photographer to show all the action! I have added a new duo photo gallery as well. Please contact me directly if you would like to meet us both.

I look forward to seeing you again, and tasting you, and telling you exactly what is on my mind…

Stay hard, stay free

xxx ROXY

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  1. Ziyad Khan
    April 11th, 2016 - Reply

    I thoroughly enjoyed the duo I had with you and Ruby last year and I am one of those people who know how you and Ruby and have had the pleasure of having a duo with you two. I can’t wait to have a duo with you two again sometime soon. I would like some naughty things done to me when I see you lovely ladies again!!

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