Doggie Toy

He’s been my toy for a while now. He comes around often, and I just do with him whatever I feel like at the time. That’s how he likes it – to be used at a whim, to be played with, to not know what is coming. To be honest, I don’t know what’s coming… Read more »

Hot Slut Rides My Face in Mexico

It’s the end of the year and my boyfriend has offered to finance a little sun and sand holiday for us to Mexico. I am delighted, of course. After four months of hard work at school, I am ready for a break. We arrive at the all-inclusive resort a few days before Christmas. I only… Read more »

Strap-on Sex: I Know You Want It

Good morning, dear admirers and sexual enthusiasts, I was thinking of you this morning as I looked at my newest toy propped up on my dresser across the room: the Goodfella dildo. Made of very realistic silicone, 5″ x 1 1/4″. I have been wanting such a cock for a long while now. As you… Read more »

Daddy Knows Best

She has been home from her class at the local community college for a little while now. It’s Friday night. She is getting ready for her hot date with her boyfriend when his text message comes in: babe, gotta go to work. can’t meet tonite.   Upset, she slams the phone down beside her vanity… Read more »

Yes Please! Fuck Me Through My Panties

Lately I have been collecting all sorts of lovely silky, cotton, and lace panties – I must be a panty fetishist because just looking at them all lined up in my drawers gets me wet. I love pulling them on, over my smooth ass, and then bending over in front of my mirror to see… Read more »

Submissive Man Taken Down by Two Dominant Women

You walk into the bar at your hotel, exhausted and weary from the flight, wondering what your business meeting tomorrow will bring, and generally unexcited to be in the city of Toronto at such a cold time of year. You stand at the bar. You order a Talisker scotch on the rocks, ready to unwind… Read more »

Sexy Boy Takes All

He calls me in the morning in order to see me that very afternoon. Justin is very business-like and courteous on the phone, getting straight to the point, no tire-kicking. He says he really likes to dirty talk and asks me if I minded if he was queer/bi-sexual. I grin.”Not at all,” I say. As… Read more »

Loft Cinema 18+

A little story for you all. Most of my encounters with clients are fairly similar – kissing, stroking, touching, licking, biting and then finally fucking. I do love the sweetness of those times, that progression of activities: I love tease and denial and the slow build of getting it on. But I admit that these… Read more »