A few words of praise and delight from the lovely gentlemen that I spend time with...

“I was impressed when she greeted me, and to use a cliche she is more attractive in person than her photos. She was wearing a sexy black dress and hot heels, helped me take my coat off and I could feel the heat right away. She has a great figure and a very alluring smile. She had a few tattoos, but I found them tasteful and they did not bother me. I would not guess at measurements, but she is not a big busted woman, but that was not what I was in the mood for. There is no need to go into the details of my fantasy, but she was a fantastic little actress and stayed in character the whole time. I got a sexy little striptease, and without going into specifics I would praise her DFK, BBBJ, and DT skills, and she was great fun during the main event. She was an excellent communicator and showed some great skills and a few tricks I had not encountered before. She seemed to be enjoying herself and was plenty vocal in the best way.” Link to complete review on TERB

Thank you Roxy. I truly enjoyed meeting you and spending time with you. I will call you the next time I am in Toronto!

“I was certainly awakened by our encounter and in a great way kind of like waking up to the rising Sun on a summer morning. You are incredibly engaging and I have been thinking about you since our meeting…little things like the sound of your breathing and pitch of your laugh…it has been wonderful. I feel as if you helped show me what is possible and as a result empower many of my more powerful wants and desires.”

I have to say yesterday was great. Very intense and satisfying. You rock girl!

“The experience is something that I will always remember.I had an appointment with you last Saturday morning. I think you may have even tweeted about me. I wanted to convey my eternal gratitude to you for the compassion and understanding that you showed me during our time together.”

Your site set the tone that inspired me to pursue this fantasy night.

“I love it when you’re completely lost in the eroticism, and this was one of those occasions. Roxy is a creative and active sex partner, changing the pace, responding and initiating. This was a true GFE, like your first time with someone you’re really turned on by, with lots of kissing and intimacy, and unleashed passion and excitement.” Link to full review on CERB

I had a wonderful time and it was all thanks to your fine efforts!

“They say that there are moments and images in everyone’s life that will remain with them forever. I sincerely hope that in my lifetime that I never lose the visage of her loveliness and radiance as she opened the door and greeted me. She laid beside me after and I had no words to express the sense of gratitude that I felt at that point. I informed her of my ineptitude and my desires in the matters at hand. This was not to be a concern for very long. My experience from this point on was everything I had always heard how it should be. I feel that my inexperience had showed but I also scored a very significant victory for my own ego. I felt very proud that I was able to provide some satisfaction to her in the way that I had always fantasized about. I believe that there was no ruse on her part concerning this experience. I look forward to this in any future encounters I may have, as it was the pinnacle. When all was said and done, the burden that had plagued me for so long was at last lifted. She laid beside me after and I had no words to express the sense of gratitude that I felt at that point. I do not know if I ever will have the right words. It was time to depart. I embraced her and said goodbye and thanked her for her time. I am sure that at some level that I am a better (and changed) person for knowing her, even if for only the briefest of intimate moments. She was and always be the personification of a angel in my mind’s eye and I would not have it any other way. I sincerely hope that our paths cross again in the future. If they however, do not: Thank you, Miss RP. Thank you for everything.”

Thanks for sharing lovely time with me. I had a great time with you just like last year and I must say that you’re getting better each time:-)

“When I left, I felt relaxed, confident, and satisfied. Obviously, this is what we are all looking for from any of these sessions, but I have never felt all of these things to the extent I did leaving her place. The only thing wrong with the session was that it was too short. I don’t mean she cut it short, in fact I definitely got more time than I paid for – this woman is not a clock watcher. I left feeling like I had just been with a new lover for the first time, and feeling all of the excitement and anticipation of our next encounter. I definitely didn’t want her to have to ask me to leave, so I politely made my excuses and left. She saw me to the door and left me feeling like she genuinely looked forward to our next encounter. I left feeling like I had just been with a new lover for the first time, and feeling all of the excitement and anticipation of our next encounter. It was the closest thing to feeling like a real date I have ever had with a professional (well, perhaps it’s tied for first place with one other experience a few years ago, but that’s another story!). I left with a genuine feeling of intimacy and affection. To be honest, I think I have a bit of a crush on her!”
Link to full review on MERB

“I’d like to thank Roxy for being in my world. I met the girl on a business trip to Toronto, and she was a primary factor in my returning for simple “pleasure” not long after. I had so much fun with her, that I changed my ‘hobby plans’ for the following day and met her out for drinks. She clued me up to what’s happening around town…and sort of danced through the door of my hotel room a couple hours later (the dancing naked on the bed was the best. I’m so glad I had my portable sounds, and some rockin playlists). For the record, this girl has a body that acts like 10 mg. of Levitra on me. Her ass is in my mind on a regular basis. It’s a masterpiece ass. Curvy, but not big. I’ll say it’s sorta ‘sporty’. She does, and did, everything I like to do with sex. And she’ll stay at it till you are totally through! She’s got tasteful tats, and perky tits, and is fully orgasmic. All Natural. She brings out the Lesbian in me (I’m not even sure what that means). Roxy has few, if any, inhibitions. She is the girl I’d try to tease into having clothed sex in the park.While she was in Australia, I kept tabs on her hedonistic experience in Heaven. And was lucky enough to hook up with her as she passed through my town on the way back home. The thought of her on her knees, trying to get my cock as far down her throat as possible…as I sat at my desk…just gives me chills. I WILL be seeing her again. She has a nice price structure. She’s a ‘spic and span’ clean, tasty sweet treat. And there isn’t a negative vibe in her body or soul.” Link to full review on TERB

“This lady kept taking me over the moon and back. It was like nothing I have ever experienced. I arrived at her location as nervous as I can ever remember being. Rang the bell and wait, wait, wait. The door opened that there she was; smiling relaxed and comfortable. I followed her up the stairs and there was that butt. Her pictures are accurate but in person she moves like a cat and her legs…well they need to be seen to be believed. I am the product of an age where it was and is considered base for a gentleman to kiss and tell. Let me just say that this lady, and she is a lady, kept taking me over the moon and back. It was like nothing I have ever experienced. We have met several times since and it has been like being with the lover of my dreams. She takes me to places I have never been and each time we meet she seems to have found a new and and ever more mind boggling destinations. When I leave her I feel like the ‘king of the universe’.”

Link to full review on TERB

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