I strive to make my encounters authentic and pleasurable for both of us, and this means that we must discover what will make us wild together.

What are my services? I don’t like to give a laundry list of acronyms of what I do and don’t do. I do enjoy a range of play, but I do not promise every activity to every gentleman. Sometimes it takes some time to work up to certain activities, and sometimes the energy just isn’t flowing – yet.

I strive to make my encounters authentic and pleasurable for both of us, and this means that we must discover what will make us wild together. I can promise you that I will offer all of myself to you. If you can take a risk by openly telling me your desires, I will listen carefully and be what only your deepest fantasies can deliver.

I am a very open-minded and non-judgemental person and I rarely refuse to try something exciting or new or unusual. My usual restrictions are that our play reflect safer sex principles, that it be mutually respectful and professional. I treat those who treat me – it’s the golden rule, after all!

In fact I love my work because so often I get to try something new. From an exciting meeting in a porn theatre, to walking on your chest in heels, and to incorporating a sleek vibrating toy or blindfold, I have had amazing opportunities via my professional life to test out new limits of ecstacy.

If you are not sure exactly what you want (or maybe you’re just too worked up looking at all these photos to think straight?), please read below about the different kinds of fantasies I enjoy. I enjoy them all at different times, please don’t think because you aren’t into kink or something heavy that we won’t both be having a great time.

Please note that the following descriptions are fantasy only. As an escort, any fee exchanged promises you my companionship only. Any additional activity between us is private, consensual behaviour between adults.

+ For the Initiate to Pleasure (otherwise known as the First Timer, or the Shy Guy)
Maybe you have never spent time with an escort, or it has been some time since you touched a beautiful woman, for whatever reason. With one phone call, you will find me very easy to talk to. I will put you at ease when you arrive. We can take things really slow, and start with a massage where I release all the tension from your back and shoulders and work my way down. Or maybe you like to watch; I could do a seductive striptease for you, showing off my fit body, curvy ass and legs. I love the tease and denial of dancing for someone, getting closer, then pulling away, pushing my titties in your face, rubbing my ass up against your hard-on. So often those sessions end with me releasing your hard cock from your pants and bouncing up and down on you til we both moan with pleasure and release. Wouldn’t you like that? You deserve it…

I love to kiss and I hope you do too; kissing is such a powerful way to turn me on. I could also show you how to pleasure me, guide your hands to the secret places where I love to be touched, teach you how to move your tongue, how to thrust in ways that will make your future girlfriends go wild. I also have a toy collection for you to choose from, for use on me or on you, using toys always helps me to become a better lover. I love to show people exactly how to get me off, since everyone is different. Great communication always leads to great sex.

If you are shy and you find it difficult to talk about what you like, I love to receive dirty emails, photos, or pornography links so I can see exactly where your dirty mind is going and I can plan how to make your sweetest fantasies come true.

Dive into the pillows with Roxy Powers – a soft, sensual and sweet girl next door…

+ For the Sexually Adventurous (otherwise known as the Porn Star)
For the more confident and assured gentleman who may be accustomed to seeing escorts and/or playing with a variety of women, I offer a wilder experience that dispenses with some preliminary niceties. Perhaps I will meet you at my door wearing practically nothing, and greet your cock first with my hands. You lean me up against the wall and before I can spread my legs for you, your fingers are already sneaking in between my pussy lips and pressing against my clit. Or maybe you drop your pants, I kneel on the floor and right away I edge your cock into my mouth, showing off my DT skills while I look up at you in appreciation. We can try multiple positions, but of course my favourite is always doggystyle….

roxy1Perhaps you have already explored all the pleasurable parts of your body and you know you want me to rock some of my fingers or my strap-on into your waiting asshole. We take turns touching each other’s asses, opening up to each other, building to bigger and better orgasms.

Perhaps you fantasize about fucking me while another girl sits on my face, or two girls blowing you at the same time – a classic and hot experience. Or you want to see two girls play with each other, teasing you to join in… I am always willing to provide hot threesomes with girls I like, or the girl you recommend. Threesomes, foursomes, moresomes… I like a full bed!

Or maybe a private affair isn’t your interest at all, and we arrange to meet in a more public and sexually charged venue, like a swingers club or porn theatre. I also imagine or perhaps even a dark park bench where I could reach into your pants and get you off while passersby walk by not even noticing our transgressions.

I especially enjoy dirty fantasy talk, so even if the limits of our bodies or safer sex prevents us from doing something we find hot, we can talk about fucking each other simultaneously, or about your hot cum raining down on me or inside me, or about your wife catching us, or about another man coming up behind you and… I love to fantasize!

**Note that depending on the level of risk and our comfort with each other, these types of sessions sometimes require more negotiation and preparation, and some activities are only available to regular clients.

Get hard with Roxy Powers, a wild girl next door who will surprise you with her naughtiness…

+ For the elegant and refined foodie and sensualist GFE
Suited to someone who likes to wine and dine, I am excited to share great food and conversation. I am a well-traveled and well-read person, and I enjoy discussing world and local events, art, film, travel and food. Or if you like, we can go to a club or bar where everyone will admire the beautiful woman on your arm. I do like my Tanqueray gin martini with extra olives, please! Of course, the more we get to know each other, the more the conversation always turns towards eroticism. I love whispering in your ear and discussing what will happen for “dessert” when we return to your hotel room… I love the long ride up in the elevator, and I usually take that opportunity for a little exhibitionism or touching and kissing, watching the mirrored panels reflect our excitement. I can play tour guide to you if you are a business traveler to Toronto. Some of my favourite neighborhoods are Little Italy, Queen Street West, Yorkville and the Annex and Little Korea on Bloor Street.

Sensuality and pleasure with the worldly Roxy Powers… a sophisticated and classy woman.

+ For those Looking to Add a Little Spice (for couples)
Has your wife or girlfriend expressed interest in playing with other girls? Wanting to provide her with a special treat? I am experienced at negotiating play with couples, and I am very respectful and skilled at nurturing your erotic connection with each other. I love women of all shapes and sizes, especially women with round curves and bellies and soft soft lips. I would love to help you reconnect in the bedroom, push your boundaries, and give you a hot memory to fuel the next few weeks you spend in your own bed!!!

Spice up your sex life with an unforgettable night with Roxy Powers!

+ For the Kinky and Curious
roxy3I’m a bit new to providing pain all mixed up with pleasure. But clients who have experienced my beginner’s hand say they love my giggles and bratty bossiness while they are all tied up. I have tried restraining men, flogging, CBT, foot fetishes, pinching and slapping, blindfolding, sissy boy dress-ups, ass play, face-sitting, and golden showers (on you). Oh my, now that I write them out they sound like a lot, don’t they?

I also play as a submissive if we invite along a powerful domme, and I know a few who can boss us both around and tell us exactly how to please her. Truth be told, I am naturally submissive to other women.

I especially appreciate gifts of fetish toys and gear since this is a new area of interest for me. I am developing a deep love for shoes, vintage lingerie and secretarial/business casual wear, and if you have a specific fetish wear fantasy, I am interested in playing the ball-busting businesswoman, the mean nurse, the untouchable goddess, the shy and the wild schoolgirl next door…the list goes on and on and on. Or you could just lick my boots. I like that too.

Share your favourite fetish with Roxy Powers, or let’s discover a new one together!!!

Note: I am a safety girl. Please do not ask me to partake in activities that I have chosen to avoid for both our personal safety and well-being. Mutual respect is expected at all times in my company.